How to setup a VPN?

How to setup a VPN?

Client to site VPN or Client to Gateway VPN

Client to site VPN can be configured in less than five minutes if you are hosting VPN server using a VPN router. PPTP server is a best and easiest way for client to site VPN but is less secure. Just enable PPTP server in your router, assign one available IP, choose username, password and you are done on the server side. On the client compute, create a new connection and enter IP of the server (dynamic or static WAN IP) enter username and password of the server and bingo. VPN or Virtual Private Network is a secure data communication system over public internet connection. “Host VPN” connects two or more sites or offices together for secure and reliable data transmission between computers. It is also possible to allow client computers to connect to head office from remote locations. Client to Site VPN is good for your field staff, sales persons and executives while traveling.

Client to gateway using PPTP

The easiest but less secure is PPTP client server configuration. Most operating systems like Microsoft Windows have built-in client software for PPTP servers. It is easy to configure and take less than five minutes. If you are looking for higher level of security go for client to site Secure VPN tunnel. Windows have built in support and many third party VPN client software programs are available for VPN tunnel.

To make a new PPTP connection you need:

1- IP address of the VPN host server (PPTP server). Almost all VPN routers have built-in PPTP server.

2- Username and Password

Please note IP address can be static or dynamic, also make sure that you need WAN IP address provided by your ISP or internet company not a local server address.

PPTP server Setup

Most VPN routers have built in support for PPTP server.

1- Click and enable PPTP Server.

2- Enter available IP addresses range. (IPs not in use). Remember your client will use this IP.

3- Choose Username and Password and you are done on the server side.

PPTP Client Setup

Client setup is simple and straight forward in all operating systems including Microsoft Windows.

In Microsoft Windows you can create a new connection for PPTP client.1- In Control Panel Click on >Network and Internet Connections.

2- Click on >Create a connection to the network at your workplace.

3- Choose Virtual Private Network connection

4- Give a name to this connection.

5- If you have always on internet, choose >”Do not dial the initial connection” for Dial up choose > (Automatically dial this initial connection) and select default internet connection from the drop down menu. Please note if you are going to dial a connection, it must be previously configured and working.

6- Your company or Host VPN (PPTP Server) IP address, remember you need WAN IP address provided by your ISP.

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7- Choose > Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop, Click finish and your PPTP client setup is complete.

8- To test this connection click on the newly created shortcut on your desktop. If you forget to create a shortcut go to >Start >All Programs > Connect To >Show all Connections, a window will appear, click on the new PPTP Icon (Connection you have just created)

9- Enter User name, Password ( User name and password of PPTP server account) and click on Connect.

10- Computer will try to connect to the Host VPN PPTP server and will connect to the server in less than a minute subject to:

1- Server is available

2- Host VPN IP address is correct

3- User name and Password are valid


Configuration is same for most operating systems you have to provide Host PPTP server IP address (WAN IP address), user name and password. On the server side, enable the server, assign available LAN IP and choose a username and password for the client.