Choosing a Bedspread – Stitching and Weave

Choosing a Bedspread – Stitching and Weave

When choosing a bedspread it is important to check the stitching in bedspreads that are quilted, embroidered, or crotcheted.  A bedspread with large, loose stitching will not hold up well when cleaned.  With polyfilled or cotton filled bedspreads, the more stitching that there is throughout the bedspread, the less likely it will be that the stuffing will shift or bunch up.


Color fastness in bedspreads is very important.  Black, dark blue, dark green, purple, and red can quickly fade out in a bedspread.  The bedspread will still have plenty of wear in it, but because of fading it will look old.  There are many products out today that try to preserve the color.  The results may vary, but, because they are died, the color will eventually fade.  Lighter colors will, of course, fade as well, the lighter colored bed spreads don’t fade as fast and when they do fade, it isn’t as noticeable.
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Color and Design Choices

Because there is such a wide variety of colors and print designs in bedspreads, making a decision can be over whelming.  Plain colored bed spreads run the range of the palette scale.  Designs most common in spreads are plaids, strips,  paisley,  floral, or patch work.  Even with  one color the stitching can be made into a multitude of designs.  To narrow down your choices, decide whether the bedspread will be used for spring and summer, fall and winter or both.  Light, airy bedspreads give off the sensation of coolness in the hotter months.  Bed spreads in pastel colors and floral designs can also add to this feeling.  Lightweight materials for spreads are also more appropriate for warmer months.

Choosing heavier, darker materials in bedspreads are more suitable for fall and winter months.  This is a great time to use dark or bright paisleys, plaids, stripes, and patch work designs in bedspreads.

Another consideration when choosing colors or designs for a bedspread is the design of the bed it self.  Is the bed country, traditional,  French Provincial,  brass,  iron,  canopied,  antique,  or day bed.  Almost any bedspread will go well with a traditional bed.  Color choice in this case will depend on the color of the bed and the room.  Quilted bedspreads and even crotcheted and embroidered bedspreads can work  well with the county style bed, as well as with brass, iron, and day beds.  Floral designed bedspreads,  pastel,  crotchet,  and embroidered bed spreads suit French Provincial.

The Room

The size of the room will also determine what colors and designs to be chosen in a bedspread.  Large prints and plaids in bedspreads are great for large rooms but will overwhellm a small room and make it look even smaller.  Chosing a dark colored bedspreads will also make a room look smaller while light, cheery colors can make the room look larger.

With solid colored walls multicolored bedspreads are great because you can mix and match various colors and also accent any color you choose.  They lend themselves better to changing color co-ordinated decorations in the room as well; which aliviates boredom.  Also condider reversable bedspreads which lend themselves to even more variations within a room’s decor.