Breast Reduction – Large breasts not in anymore

Breast Reduction – Large breasts not in anymore

When I was younger I used to always flaunt my chest and was proud of my large boobs. I am a very petite girl but overdeveloped as a child and now wear a 34 double d…. I absolutely HATE having large breasts now, they are SO painful, I have bad posture and a weak back bc of my breasts and they are just degrading.. when a person sees that I have large breasts that is all they are thinking about. I am getting a breast reduction soon (going down to a full b little c) and cannot wait. Are big boobs out now??? I find it more fashionable and beautiful to be natural and small chested.. you look better in clothes that way anways ladies! I cannot even fit into a blouse bc the buttons wont close where my boobs are. Also why do females get fake boobs, I think they are so unattractive!! What are your thoughts? Do you think I am making a good choice? And also, what do men really think about breasts??

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  1. “BOOBS” can’t be “IN” or “OUT”. its just person preference
  2. well.. i personally love breasts.. even all different shapes and sizes.. but boobs that are too big… that just overwhelms a guy.
  3. well if your unhappy, and your having back problems then I would because its not going to get anybetter. but boobs can’t be “in” or “out” lol :]
  4. The sizes fit in with the people therefore there never “IN” or “OUT”.
  5. if it will make you feel better, get the reduction. my cousin has huge boobs too and shes getting the reduction next month…..just keep in mind that there are risks. im 16 and have always thought big boobs were cool because it attracted guys, but now im happy with my 34b’s.
  6. To be honest, I don’t think most men care too much about breast size… If a guy can see boobs, it doesn’t matter what size they are! haha I’m petite as well, I’m a 32C and I love them! They’re big enough for me to feel sexy and shapely, but small enough to not be painful. If your breasts are harmful to you and you would feel better about yourself and your health with a breast reduction, I say Go For It! Good luck! =)
  7. hey, all i gotta say is SOME people may want boobs like you! natural ones
  8. everyone looks good with what they have, I wouldnt say they are out or in style. I do however support your decision of breast reduction if they are hurting your back, because I know many women get breast reduction for that reason. I also agree with the clothes statement, because more women are medium to small breasted clothes are catered more towards that size. I think a small C cup is a good choice. =D
  9. Men think breast are fablous.
  10. you are doing the right thing by getting a breasts reduction Because that’s all people will look at and b like her breasts are too big.. Some men like different things on a woman’s body some like boobs and some like booty,lips,legs,eyes.that depends and those women who are getting breasts implants aren’t happy wit there breasts or they’re porn stars!
  11. Boobs aren’t clothing/hair styles, therefore they can’t be in or out
  12. my boobs are the same size and although im comfortable with them and think they look ok….i always look mumsie in my clothes! its hard to look fashionable with curves i know that sounds awful.
  13. I think you’re fine. Honestly. Girls sometimes want bigger boobs to impress guys and show off. If you’re having problems, though, I would go for the reduction. Guys just want girls sometimes to make out and then leave them. A guy should love you for who you are, and not pay much attention to your breasts as much as your personality and charisma. 🙂 Get the reduction. Don’t feel bad. 🙂 There’ll be someone out there for you. Girls at a young age just do it to show off. I would say big breasts are in. In some way, they are. It’s good to be unique. 🙂
  14. if you are that unhappy with them and are having back problems i think you are making the right decision, but only what you think matters if you can’t wait until you get it or decide not to do it at all, you can always get a breast reducing, or minimizer, bra until the surgery or just use that instead of surgery, i’m sure they would help at least a little hope i helped! oh and could you answer my question? it would be very appreciated
  15. Big boobs were never in or out. There just boobs. The persons personality, sense of humor & intelligence is what is “in”.
  16. boobs can’t be in or out,only nipples,LOL.seriously I love girls with big boobs.girls with flat chests remind me too much of guys
  17. Ya know … Soleil Moon Frye or Punky Brewster … cut her breasts just after she made the movie Pumpkinhead 2. Her career has never been the same she ended up on the show Sabrina and many other small flicks but when she cut them down to nothing her fan base disappeared not to say she has lots of fans now but no where near the male fan base she did have. Men love large breasts is sexy and a major turn on! .. Also the cut marks on a breast reduction are not sexy! .. Pay now or pay later it’s all the same … beauty is work you flaunt what ya got and rock on with it .. if not you make sacrifices for comfort over beauty. IN THE END IT’S YOUR DECISION 😉
  18. ummm i’m not sure but i also have large breasts (36dd) and i would get a reduction if i had some kind of health reason, but if not, they are here to stay, i love my breasts! lol
  19. Natural is always better.
  20. I agree with ur opinion and I think its great what ur doing 🙂 Fake boobs are just….STUPID and incredibly ugly
  21. Lauren – Large breasts are nothing to be ashamed of: Visit and share your thoughts with thousands of other girls just like you. Have fun!

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