Body Transformation: A Woman on Fire!

I am a strong beautiful woman who has rebuilt herself from the ground up.

I am my own motivation. Building my body is building me. It’s a civil war between myself and my weaknesses that I’m determined will become my strengths. It all has been attitude dependent. My efforts to build my body have built, and continue to build all other parts of my life through the discipline I’ve gained. This same discipline I have in training has spilled into everything outside of it hence, the greatest thing I’ve discovered is that how you workout reflects how you WORK. It’s all reflective of your work ethic. I thrive on my own determination; I love the idea of self manipulation and power, which is total control over self. Not many people have control over what they put into their bodies or what they do. I do. I have control. I have, too, the attitude that I will get what I’m after. I have become the boss of myself.

This all started when I cut my hair because I heard that women with long hair let men control them. I had long hair, and I was controlled by a man. Bad break ups usually lead to gym memberships. Funny, but true. Men became my greatest competitors. I hated them, but wanted to be sexy and appealing to them at the same time, while making sure they knew they had no chance with me. I wanted to control them. Things changed though. Now I do this solely for me. I’m not angry. I have goals. And I know that I have every capability to become what I want. I define myself, not men. Hence, I want to empower women through my body, training, and perception of beauty and what it means to be a powerful woman.

I’ve always trained hard. Super setting, drop setting, high repetitions, multiple exercises in 2 training sessions a day. My eating was off though, at the start. I didn’t know how important it was to count my macros. I’d think I was eating the “right” amount, but how vague and stupid that was of me. I ate more than I needed and didn’t understand the value of nutrients, or how my cells received them and responded to them. You can imagine the beginning was rocky and frustrating; I was basically maintaining rather than building.

Finally I started tracking everything. I didn’t have a coach, still don’t. I’ve been doing this all on my own and have made leaps and bounds by my simple want and desire to become a competitor. Maybe I shouldn’t say “simple”, because it’s much deeper. It’s much more emotional and exhausting. This is something I’m in love with and committed to, what I’m working towards.

Like I said, I have no coach. I train with my boyfriend. We keep each other accountable and, because we love bodybuilding so much, we become creative in the gym and are constantly putting our bodies under shock. I recently started adding in more cardio and ab work, and have been carb cycling. Also have been learning about things like cellular respiration, protein metabolism, the science of everything. I realize if we have more knowledge about what we are doing, rather than taking people’s words and experiences, we could create our own theories and build from what we tell ourselves to build from.

In the gym, I visualize my muscles underneath my skin tearing and stretching, and as silly as this sounds, I tell my body what I expect of it and how it will recover and grow. I target areas and have learned muscle manipulation is an art.

Become your own trainer.

I take creatine, protein, BCAA’s and a multi-vitamin. All my success has been brought by diet, discipline and knowledge.

This is just the beginning!! I see myself as a figure competitor, a sports psychologist and life coach. I see myself empowering women and changing lives. This passion in me is a wildfire.