An Exercise You Can Do Specifically To Lose Weight

An Exercise You Can Do Specifically To Lose Weight

Many people who are overweight have tried to find the truth about an exercise you can do specifically to lose weight. The traditional thinking is that exercise that burns calories will help you to lose unwanted pounds. However, the downside of exercise is that it can be less useful for those who are physically unable to run miles to burn calories. Other forms of exercise are calorie burners as well. These might include swimming, bicycling or strenuous sports such as racquetball or tennis. Most people would find it difficult to suddenly begin such exercise regimens. The pain of unused muscles and the danger of injury can be a real detriment to those who are overweight. Discouragement and pain can stop exercise in its early phases, making it less than helpful.

If you can use a milder form of exercise to accustom your body to a new form of moving and living without being in pain from overworked muscles and immobilizing injuries, you may be able to stick with an exercise long enough to benefit you. The description of the movements below is effective, yet easy to do. It has been used for many years as a part of an ancient Eastern program. For experienced and advanced users, it is combined with a fasting regimen, but that is not recommended for beginners. Novices should use the described procedure without the fasting component for at least 30 days. No special clothing or equipment is required. You can do it anywhere. It only requires a few minutes twice daily.

The efforts should be made with an empty stomach so you could do it first thing in the morning and before a meal. In order to measure your progress visually, choose an article of clothing that currently fits you comfortably. You can try on the garment periodically after attempting the procedures for a week. You should be able to see the difference almost immediately. If there is no change noted, you are probably doing the procedure incorrectly.

Four sets of movements are included within a completed pattern. These are Warm Up, Active, Less Active and Return. The four sets can be done in standing, sitting or lying down mode. Unless you have physical problems, you could do the standing in the morning, sitting at mid day and lying down in the evening. Movements need to be slow and deliberate throughout. Dont stretch or strain the muscles. Dont force the breathing which should always be done through the nose, rather than the mouth.

While standing with feet about one foot apart, inhale slowly while raising arms over the head. Holding the breath, and let the air settle in the lower abdomen, just below the navel. Next, bend forward while swinging your arms forward and down to a point past horizontal. The breath in the lower abdomen should be pushed down by squeezing the anus from the tailbone and from the lower spine to the top of the head where the air is held for five seconds. Relax the belly so that the air returns to the abdomen. Do not release the breath until you swing your arms and body back to the original position while exhaling and returning your arms to your sides.

For the Active Mode everything is the same until you have allowed the air to return to the abdomen. Still holding the original breath, make a bending and lifting movement to the left and then to the right. Finally, return to the original position as described in the Warm-Up Mode.

The Less-Active Mode uses the procedure of the Warm-Up Mode but adds two tuck and release patterns to the abdomen. Each of the previous modes consists of ten repetitions with one breath for each move. The final pattern is to repeat the Warm-Up routine, but holding the breath in the abdomen for ten seconds rather than five.

Utilizing an exercise you can do specifically to lose weight is sure to provide desired results and do so quickly. You wont end up with sore muscles or painful joints. The patterns are easy to do and are sure to return your digestive and circulatory systems to full performance.