Physical activity is as much useful and effective as medicines. Unfortunately, it is a rare case when health care workers prescribe physical training as a remedy and as a preventive along with lists of tablets, ointments, and other chemical drugs. We ourselves are often lazy and therefore avoid fitness-clubs with their mechanical exercise bicycles and limit ourselves to several simple exercises at home on the floor, although knowing that regular physical activity can do us a world of good.

Meanwhile, a woman`s organism compressor is used to “saving” fat in the problem zones and to unwillingly “part” with it during your heroic dieting. Sedentary life is very harmful, and the effect is a long-termed one.

At the same time even moderate but regular physical activity decreases the risk of heart disease development, helps loosing weight, decreasing high blood pressure, strengthen the bones, eases the back pain, improves the condition of a diabetes patient, smoothens arthritis symptoms, improves one`s memory, and this is not everything.

Fitness generator can also help getting through a depression, it can improve your self-esteem, decrease the pain if painful menstruation is your case, as well as decreasing your chances of catching a cold or an ARD. Generally speaking, both physical and mental health become stable.

Physical activities and various exercises were valued for their medicinal qualities many thousand years ago just like herbs. Ancient Greek philosophers, for instance, praised physical training`s use at least when it came to men. Once it was believed that this type of activity is for the privileged representatives of the society, that is, for men. However this stereotype was broken in the nineteen 70ies when a well-known American doctor Kenneth Cooper proofed aerobics to be useful. Some time later this activity turned into a fashionable hobby, and even women of advanced age took it up (as the doctors noticed this was for their own good actually).

There are many versions and types of fitness today therefore one can choose the one he or she likes, the one that would suit her or him taking into consideration their health, built, and even mood! Our site will help you making this choice and deciding where you are going to in this world of healthy and happy people, that is, in the world of fitness!